Judi AWinall, M.Div.,CIH,CLYT

Soul Empowerment Mentoring

~ Allowing the Inner Self… our Soul, to guide our life is the most important decision we can make towards creating the life we truly want.   When our Outer Self (personality/ego) aligns itself with the    Inner Self, and works cooperatively together… limitations fall away  and "miracles" become common place ~

 In-person and telephone sessions available
Judi has been in the field of spiritual empowerment for over 30 years. She's passionate about assisting individuals in recognizing and re-claiming who they really are, which led to the creation of The Center for Soul Empowerment. The journey of self mastery begins as we realize who we really are... spiritual beings in physical bodies, experiencing life as  a human being upon this beautiful planet Earth.  

The conditions we are experiencing in our life (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) are a reflection of what we are holding within our consciousness.  Our thoughts and beliefs  are the blueprint for the structure of our life.  As we become consciously aware of this, we are better able to direct our life experiences in the way which we desire, through our ability to choose our perspectives. 

During soul empowerment counseling sessions you are seen for who you really are and are highly encouraged and guided in how to reclaim that identity. Judi's compassion and unconditional acceptance assists you in discovering that which has limited & sabotaged you and kept you from living a fulfilled, healthy and joyful life. 

Judi has the innate ability to know the patterns of consciousness that have created discord in one's life.  Through this awareness you are able to gain understanding and clarity as well as become empowered to discern and change those limiting patterns.  You regain a sense of  your  own power  to  direct  your  life  and  you  step  more  fully  into becoming a deliberate creator.     

Client Testimonial:

"My time with Judi was such an incredible and empowering experience. I learned new things about myself, my own strength and my significance in this world as well as the connection of my life to a greater purpose and a higher power, that being for me, God. Judi balanced listening with guidance, reflection, questioning and compassion. We had deep discussions about life and spirituality, and she provided me with practical tools to use every day to help me make my life more positive and meaningful. I am so grateful for having Judi be a part of my journey."

K.L. Cincinnati, OH

Judi is also a nature photographer and has created a short inspirational video as part of the thesis for her Master of Divinity degree. The video's purpose is to bring to conscious awareness the realization that all of nature is an expression of Source.  Click the link  below to see the video.
Expressions of Spirit in Nature 

Website: www.ExpressionsofSpiritinNature.com

Contact Judi at:  

513-899-3115 or [email protected]

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